Tesunho Company Relocation Ceremony

Tesunho Company Relocation Ceremony

On June 6, 2024,Tesunho company held a grand relocation ceremony today.

Each colleague held their own mascots to offer sincere blessings and signatures to the company. The company leader Mr. Wei and the guest Zhu spoke enthusiastically to express their blessings and expectations for the relocation.

The new office space is designed to foster innovation and collaboration, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. The modern amenities and enhanced workspace reflect Tesunho’s commitment to providing the best possible conditions for its employees.

With the new office, Tesunho is well-positioned to pursue its ambitious goals and continue its trajectory of growth.As Tesunho embarks on this new chapter, the company remains dedicated to delivering exceptional value to its clients and stakeholders.

Tesunho's new address is:
No.605 BLDG 1, 269 Tiyu Str. FZ, QZ 362000, CN