Q: What is PoC radio/IP radio/network radio/PTT over Cellular Radio/PTToC/4G/LTE radio?

A:PoC radio short for Push to Talk Over Cellular, also known as IP radio,network radio, 4G/LTE radio,PTToC.It is an instant communication device that based on the cellular network(GSM,WCDMA,4G,LTE,FDD).The talking range is unlimited,can realize Group Call, Private Call, SOS, Dispatcher Tracking…….

Q: What is the advantage of IP radio?

A: 1)Work anywhere with cellular covered and anywhere you can connect to WIFI.

    2)Allow manager to dispatch group members

    3)Equipped with GPS,allow you to track each radio device

    4)No need application,registration of frequencies before buying,more convenient for users to get IP radio

    5)Saving frequencies renewal cost

    6)Low data cost,300MB-500MB a month is enough 

Q: How to make PoC radio work?

A:1) Create realptt account under your own management website

   2) Program radio with realptt account ,realptt account password,URL and APN

   3) Insert local activated SIM card to realize unlimited talking range communication,Group Call ,Private Call......

Q: How to program radio?

A:It need realptt account, realptt account password,URL, APN.Programming software and programming cable will be free offered when your first sample order. At the same time,we will offer you programming instruction and guide video. Pls feel free to contact us,we will guide you one by one step.

Q: How many Mega Byte of data needed for one month operation?

A:The data needed for one month operations depends on your application use.

What is your main application?Taxi dispatching, Logistic distribution or other field?

Normally it is 2.88M per hour (0.8192KB /S) for unstopping communication.

It is 0.06M on the standby mode per day. Most of customers use 300M per month. It can support 3 to 4 hours for unstopping communication every day.

Q: Can I see where my employees are located?

A:Yes,each radio device built-in GPS,you can track it on dispather to see where your employees are at anytime.

Q: Is there a panic button on the radios?

A:Yes,All radios have panic button,allow users quickly long pressing it to alert the dispatch center of the alert as well as the location in case of any accidents or other emergency or something unexpecet happened.

Q: Can different brand PoC radios communicate with each other?

A:Of course,make sure PoC radios in the same management platform and in the same group,then they can talk with each other.

Q: Can I talk to a group of radios, or just one privately?

A:You can set up groups,as well as create temporary groups,also can select one or more "users" to talk privately.

Q: Can my employees make personal phone calls?

A:Sorry cannot,as those PoC radio are programmed to communicate with other radios and dispatcher.

Q: What about office communication with field personnel?

A:With PC dispatch software, you can have one or multiple dispatchers located in different locations,communicating to your field workers.

Q: Why most of Tesunho PoC radios are Linux based?

A:We believe that PoC radio are emergency tools which ask for stability and reliablity to be the first place.Linux systems as module bound with realptt platform will be more stability than Android ones.

Q: Does any IP radio work on WIFI?

A:Yes.We have android based IP radio can connect with WIFI,also launched the first Linux WIFI PoC radio.Please contact us for more details.

Q: Do you have Bluetooth radio?

A:Yes. We have TH-682 handheld radio and TM-990 mobile radio with Bluetooth function.They can connect to TH-P1 Bluetooth handy microphone and TH-B1 Bluetooth earphone.

Q: Do you have Dual Mode PoC +Analog /DMR radio so if no gsm network then can use as normal UHF /DMR radio?

A:Yes,TH-680/TM-990D/TM-990DD are Dual Mode models that combined Analog/DMR & LTE/WCDMA in one piece.

Q: What other special function available for Tesunho PoC radio?

A:NFC(TH-682/TH-510),Mandown(TH-510),Noise Reduction(TH-510),


Q: What accessories are available for the walkie talkies?

A:Standard packing includes radio main unit, antenna,battery,belt clip,charger cradle and adapter.Other optional accessories like hand microphone,earphone,battery eliminator,6-way multi charger, desktop microphone,carry case……

Q: Can the startup picture be replaced by our own ones?

A:The startup picture can be changed by bin file.This has MOQ for OEM. 

Q: Do your products have certificates?

A:Most of our items have CE/FCC/IC certificates,pls feedback us with that model number you are interested,then we can offer you certificate information accordingly.

Q: How about the warranty?

A:1.Normally one year for main device,and half year for accessoires

   2.Please send back those defective goods which still within warranty period, we will repair them

   3.If it is the sample or only few pcs accessories (the fee is less or around shipping fee) are damaged,please send us           some pictures and video about it need to confirm your problem,then we will send you free new goods instead.